In all my worldly years (not a great number I’m only 22 and counting) I have never really considered why I’ve written wierd and wonderful things regarding things that happen during life or why I’ve mixed it into a world of music that quite frankly has never come to fruition. I love my Music ranging from Classical 1700′s all the years through to 2013 and via a variety of genres and through my time I’ve written items that can be considered poetic/lyrical/analytical.

So this is really just mind wandering through past/present/future writings and where influences have come from. Be it my own observations of music/life or recommendations from friends/family influences.

So hopefully I can encourage people to listen to some new artists and perhaps go through their own back-catalogues and see if they can rediscover those gems that define who they are today.

PS: And for the truly barmy – Anybody who wants to re-hash my ‘lyrics’ and put music to them :P


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