Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson in my eyes is one of the finest country singer/songwriters there ever has been. His achievements speak for himself. 50 million albums sold and 34 number ones and a Grammy to his name in 2001 places him not only at the forefront of country music but the music scene in general.

Not bad for only 21 years in the business.

His music is classic country … a vocal, a guitar, and general backing percussion. The subject – anything that has happened to him, the world, drink and women. Simple songs that catch exactly what is happening, how it happened. Representing just about every feeling in the book.

There have been tributes among the songs he has performed … ‘Midnight in Montgomery’ from his second album released in only 1991 … the year of my birth no less … was about Hank Williams another true classic of country music (however won’t feature here unfourtunately) “I wouldn’t want to compare myself to anybody,” Jackson says. “But if I was going to say somebody I wanted to be like, of course, the two singer/songwriters in country music that stick out to me are Hank Williams Sr. and Merle Haggard. I don’t know that there are two any better. I just don’t put myself in that category.” And staying true to his word he’s put his own mark on contemporary country.

From any song Jackson does you can take away an emotion be it happy in something like ‘Tall Tall Trees’ to his darker melodies like ‘Midnight’ to powerful nerve striking, should be power ballads but aren’t, songs like ‘Where Were You When (the World Stopped Turning)’ released on the 2002 album ‘Drive’ in response to the 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers.

Now I’m not the religious type but the song just hits home about how everybody felt, and whenever you hear it, I know I can, remember exactly where I was. Bringing forth the genius that is Alan Jackson.

Penning about 95% of his own songs he still goes strong today even announcing new albums. Put into context Alan Jackson sums up just about everything I am, He simply tells it as it is and puts a tune to it. (I wish I could do the second bit – but that’s neither here nor there.) Secondly – He hasn’t touched his recipe. His new music sounds exactly how he out together his original album 20 + years ago. For this I can relate – The material has changed but the essence – That’s still burning strong and I hope in other’s eyes (but I believe) the same is true of me.

This is why I listen. I hope other country fans agree or perhaps for those who don’t usually listen to it will get introduced to the genre more definitively with one of it’s masters.

Currently Listening to: ‘Long Way to Go’ – Alan Jackson Album: Thirty Miles West


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