Albert King

No Official Page: Died December 21st 1992

Albert King, one of the three ‘Kings’ of Blues and deservedly so … what he can get out of a guitar is simple and spectacular at the same time. If there was ever a type of music I’d ever want to learn it’d be the blues.

I first found my love of Blues after hearing ‘Tipitina’ on the TV series House … Season Two I believe. I was blown away for the grand total of 30 secs … from there on out I’d devote a section of my library to ‘Blues’.

Albert King was a obvious first candidate to place on the list however the most I’ve ever owned is a dual live album with ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan’. But I digress.

I can listen to that album ‘In Session’ and only hear Albert King – and quite rightly. He is the domineering force with the best solos and arrangements for many blues albums I have ever heard. I can sit and become uplifted by the fact he sings about somebody worse off then me … not a desirable trait by many but I believe a lot of people would if they sat and listened to it. It’s not melancholy, it has a rhythm, a beat. This brings it soaring up into the vestibules of being a happy song.

And there’s only one song I can really take away from it. ‘Stormy Monday’.

”They called it stormy Monday, but Tuesday is just as bad
Oh, they called it, they called it stormy Monday,
but Tuesday, Tuesday is just as bad
Oh, Wednesday is worst And Thursday oh so sad”

I think everyone at some point thinks they are gonna have a pretty god-awful week. Listen to the rises though … they’ll send your spine tingling and all ready for the weekend. Though the rest of the song talks about missing his ‘baby’. I’d still listen to this and think there’s happiness in there.

From ‘In Session’ w/Stevie Ray Vaughan : ‘Stormy Monday’


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