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First hearing this band at one of several house parties held by friends over summer, probably summer ’08 ?? maybe 09 ??

And ever since has been a regular in my library and music listening in general.

Releasing an EP in 2004 Bellowhead as a promotion to get some gigs they exploded in popular demand after 5* reviews. With 2006 seeing the introduction of quite possibly one the most popular folk bands of the UK of recent years and bringing the genre back into the limelight, their first studio album ‘Burlesque’.

With 3 more studio albums since and a live album, Bellowhead a a tour de force in the folk genre.

And I couldn’t enjoy their music more.

From up beat, jovial songs like ‘New York Girls’, ‘London Town’ or ‘Whiskey Is The Life Of Man’ to more macabre tunes like ‘Amsterdam’ – Bellowhead has it all to offer and no matter what song you listen to it’ll make you smile.

All I do is sit and listen to them if I need a pick me up and that’s predominately why they feature. As well as pulling off being a folk ‘Orchestra’ – 11 member band and knowing more then 20 instruments between them all and 6 different vocalists making them musically what I am not – Adept. Despite this I can’t feel any bad towards them for the joy they have brought me.

I will leave it here for another artist beckons my call to writing (though not tonight).

Might I add with an Ode to a drink I love the most.

From ‘Matchin’ ‘ – ‘Whiskey Is The Life Of Man’


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