Celtic Woman

I feel as though I ought to continue this Journey tonight with a return to Celtic music.

Official Page: http://www.celticwoman.com/

I first discovered Celtic Woman at the beginning of Summer 2010, terrible relationships and not really getting anywhere dating it was a miracle I continued listening. It also coincided with the largest argument I’ve had with my father. Though I must add since the middle/end of that summer I did find someone incredible.

I guess the music delivered by 4 (5/6 at one point) Irish women (with several line up changes) is soothing for the ‘soul’ for lack of a better word though in all reality it was quite simply an escape despite several of their songs relating to love (often described as Riverdance for the voice).

2004 saw 4 vocalists and 1 violinist join forces under the command of David Downes and Sharon Brown. The resulting first album in March 2005 saw them rise to #1 on Billboards World Music Chart (WMC) and commanding that spot for a coveted 81 weeks in total only to be knocked by their own second studio Album and indeed their third followed meaning they held the top three positions as well as their third album reaching #4 on Billboard 200.

In fact it’s only their 6th studio album that hasn’t claimed the #1 spot of the WMC.

The music itself is simplistic New Age Celtic with a Classical background. For this reason I use it to sleep to as well as close the world off around me. A huge contrast in comparison to some of the Artists I have already posted save Adrian in my first post for a few of his songs. I like instrumentation however the voices that compose Celtic Woman give it an extra quality that I think few groups can match.

In the near future you will see me post regarding several of the singers, with their solo albums, that have been at one stage or another part of this world music phenomenon.

So for now I leave you with a cover and 2 original compositions.

From ‘Celtic Woman’ – ‘Orinoco Flow’

From ‘A New Journey’ – ‘The Sky and The Dawn and The Sun’

From ‘Songs From The Heart’ – ‘Níl Sé’n Lá’


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