Cliff Richard

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Once again I have my dear Grandad to thank for this – well rather my Grandma but I usually end up with a Cliff Record/Film being played whenever I spend time with him.

The point being is my grandma was the one who follows Cliff more Closely or Sir Cliff to those who really want to be picky.

However if I were to go and see my grandparents it’ll be my grandad that suggests we put on one of three classic Cliff Richard Musicals – ‘Summer Holiday’, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and ‘The Young Ones’. Each soundtrack hitting #1, #2 and #1 respectively on the album charts.

I will never try to refute him either.

Not only are they good as musicals in their own quirky 60′s way but they have some of Cliff’s best work in as well.

This is what I own … as well as a few other singles along his 54 year (as of 2012) career including all his Christmas songs.

They are feel good and representative of that era. I believe in my ideal library I would have at least one classic artist from each decade (I would forgo that now as I own NO Beatles tracks when I really ought to), with Cliff being one of them. He’s often said without an Elvis Presley there wouldn’t be a Cliff Richard and I really do perhaps agree with him … he’s own king of rock ‘n’ roll in the UK. I can think of no finer counterpoint.

I guess that’s why when ITV did their audience with … He recieved 11,000,000 views …

Summer Holiday will always remain on my Filmography as well as Music Library as a student and especially if my career turns to being a Teacher (my future plan if all goes accordingly).

Though with the demise of the ‘classic pop star’ in 2004 with ‘Something’s Goin’ On’ Cliff released one of his best singles to date with ‘What Car’ – What a mind blowing number, one that re-establishes himself as a chart hitting artist.

Another album in 2013 and he has still the same style and charisma since 1958.

That I feel concludes the artist’s beginning with ‘C’

So I leave you dear readers in the capable hands of the artist I have just described.

From ‘The Young Ones’ – (The Title Track) ‘The Young Ones’

From ‘Something’s Goin’ On’ – ‘What Car’


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