Deep Purple

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A great big welcome (and they don’t get much bigger) to the world of Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal in my Music Universe.

Deep Purple as with a good number of bands due to come up from the era of the late 60′s through the 70′s are among the most influential bands in the world to date. Simply for that they appear in full in my Library however the love of Deep Purple comes firstly from my Dad considering he owns an LP of ‘Made in Japan’. Featuring their greatest live recordings ever.

Secondly A good number of my friends live in this era of music typically at least (Of course they have music released more recently). So when there’s parties/get together’s I can guarantee at some point Purple will play.

The genre pretty much dominates my social life here at University as well, the only time I will ever step into a Club is now at Discord! at Po Na Na’s here in Bath. It essentially is the Rock/Metal/Punk/Alternative night where they play non-stop anthems for about 4/5 hours.

Deep Purple quite simply becomes my entrance to a second life.

There’s only really one song that can be placed here at the end … From their 1970 album, Deep Purple In Rock: Child In Time


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