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Delain have been at the forefront of my listening within my library since I saw them on the music Channel Scuzz of all places.

Since then I’ve been engrossed into the world of Symphonic Metal/Rock as well as Female Fronted Metal but they each have their own individual tales later on in more similar bands.

Delain started on envisioned as a musical project by the very talented Martijn Westerholt hailing from the Netherlands. Joining Martijin was the brand new talent of Charlotte Wessels. An EP in 2002 and more live shows in support across the country as well in neighbouring ones was the result of signing with Roadrunner Rrecords in 2005 & a debut album in 2006.

2008 they truly came into fruition – Festivals as well as a World Tour following the masterful release of the second album ‘April Rain’. They truly came into their own on this album however some of my favourite tracks do come from their first. It’s more wholesome and ‘complete’ as a listening experience then the first outings in my opinion and is defintely one of my more played albums.

Which makes the announcement in 2010 of a third album ‘music’ (excuse the pun) to my ears. Released later that year and it’s still on my ‘To-Buy-List’.

I definitely hold them within my top ten artists within my library (I could never order them I don’t think though that may be a challenge I have to tackle at the end of this whole library blogging, What do you the readers think ?)

As always a song must appear but I think two have to be listed.

From: Lucidity – 2006; The Gathering

From: April Rain – 2008; Stay Forever


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