Diamond Rio

Official Page: http://www.diamondrio.com/

And so we’ve come full circle. Back to Country music.

I have no recollection of how they ended up in my library – I think (and this could well be wrong) it’s because they turned up on my recommended list through last.fm as a similar artist to Alan Jackson.

There’s really only one album needed for them as well (for those that don’t like collecting Discography’s) ’16 Biggest Hits’ a fantastic selection from their nearly 30 years since forming in 1984. A mix of upbeat and slow songs that complement each other so well it could well be mistaken for a studio album (despite not performing well in the Album Charts).

Though it took them 7 years before releasing a single (due to health reasons for members of the band) it went straight to number one on Billboard‘s ‘Hot Country Songs’.

There’s one particular song that stands out for me in Rio’s Catalog … ‘One More Day’. This is due to the circumstances of a long distance relationship forming from one of the best weeks of my life almost 4 years ago. My first International Scout Jamboree in Kent. It was my last camp with my Explorer Group before moving to Uni and up to Network Scouting, and didn’t want it to end really. Due to that ‘One More Day’ came to be ‘our’ Song so to speak (little corny but it fitted nicely to the circumstances).

I think for this reason Diamond Rio may well hold a place in my library for a long long time to come.

So the title track:

From: ‘One More Day’ – ‘One More Day’;


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