Motivation (AKA: TBC)

Now that I’m a few posts into my journey of words I’m still trying to come up with weird and wonderful motivational techniques and wonder how does every other blogger make themselves find the time to sit and write be it typing/on a notepad or however they do it ?

Having studied Business/Economics I know models of motivation theories quite well, but into context they’re really not that helpful (I’m gonna try and not go into essay mode on this and leave it at that). I guess with the world wide web there’s no shortage of motivational speakers/videos/blogs/con-men (and such-like), to the point where everyone is an expert within their own right. They know what works for them.

Which brings me onto my main point. Depending on which point you’ve picked this up you’ll either have only had the luxury of seeing only A – D (With ‘D’ finishing with Diamond RIo) or you’ll have seen the sheer quantity of my task ahead with the rest of the alphabet and related artists with a ‘TBC’ next to it. Now this isn’t ‘to be confirmed’ it’s ‘to be completed‘.

So yes you might’ve guessed by now, I’m going with the goal-setting theory … may or may not work who knows all I know is I’m pandering to my OCD in that if i see something uncompleted I have to finish it. Big examples of this are my video game experiences (mostly 100% completion).

So according to all this my next task is ‘Dream Theater’. So looks like you’re all going to have to come back periodically and see if much changes.

On a side note recently posted the 20 most inspirational songs of all time (and seeing this is a blog priamrily about music).

No.12 off of their list; Survivor – The Eye of The Tiger


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