Bryan Adams

Official Page:

The 3rd generic artist in my library – after ‘Bon Jovi’ and one that hasn’t appeared yet, Bryan Adams is the epitome of ‘Pop Rock’.

First discovered when watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves roughly at the age of 8 …

Since then Adams has been one of the few artists to represent how I feel at several important and not so important moments in my life as well as the casual ones.

From ‘Summer of 69′ to ‘East Side Story’ to ‘It’s Only Love’ and back to ‘Remembrance Day’ he has a song for every occasion though usually falling/breaking out of love, and damn have I seen my fair share of that.

I never knew why I felt compelled to own his discography but I do. Quite simply I could easily have bought compilations but even the little known songs are as good as his massive chart hits as I discovered.

But if unlike me you don’t want to get that many CD’s/Digital Downloads – I recommend Anthology charting anything from First to most recent Albums.

So I think that finishes off Bryan Adams and the artists Beginning with B.

I think I am gonna leave you all with:

From ‘Room Service – ‘East Side Story’ and ‘Open Road’


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