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A brand new addition for my library since during my random searches of YouTube (as one does), as well as recommendations I found Amaranthe.

Kinda hard to define as a genre but I think I come close by describing it as Power Symphonic/Melodic Metal (with hints of Techno for some songs).

Although they’ve only released one self-titled debut album … They are fast becoming one of my favourite bands. Clever mix of clean and dirty vocals. Amazing melodies and even better lyrics. Did I mention the lead vocalist is HOT …

All the songs are catchy and you will find yourself learning the lyrics and singing along soon enough. Their acoustic version of the (almost) title track of Amaranthine is my highlight though showing that their music is simply stunning melodically and they are truly talented musicians.

They will soon with more albums and larger fan base hopefully become one of the leading bands in the sub-genre of Female-Fronted Metal perhaps challenging some of the big names of Nightwish/Within Temptation.

I have to leave you with the double (nearly triple) song choice here :

From ‘Amaranthe’ (2011) :

‘Serendipity’ :


‘Amaranthine (acoustic)’:


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