Bing Crosby

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The first of several Artists which will appear on here and fall into the category of what is termed today as ‘Easy Listening’ but was once ‘Pop’ Music. With generally the same introduction for most of these noted Artists – from my Grandad.

Bing Crosby has possibly been one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. A trademark bass-baritone meant he was instantly recognisable. His notation of lyrics is one that led other Artists to follow suit in style … Frank Sinatra being the most commonly associated with it.

A style which has been dubbed crooning – an intimacy with the microphone that very few have followed since and the statistics speak for themselves. Although the Billboard Magazine operated under different methodologies for the bulk of Crosby’s career, his numbers remain astonishing: 383 chart singles, including 41 No. 1 hits. Crosby had separate charting singles in every calendar year between 1931 and 1954; the annual re-release of ‘White Christmas’ extended that streak to 1957. He had 24 separate popular singles in 1939 alone.

It’s this intimacy that has drawn this ‘mega’- star into my library – to here every lyric in simple harmony with the backing force of the music is simply mesmerising.

Never more so then in the films/musicals he’s been in. Holiday Inn – The first appearance of ”White Christmas”, Going My Way and High Society. Whenever Christmas comes round there has never been one which I remember where we haven’t watched the Film ‘White Christmas’ either.

I will leave here with naught but sheer respect and a few songs that I find are the best examples of his style/s.

From ‘High Society’ – ‘Little One’

From ‘High Society’ – ‘Now You Has Jazz’ ft. Louis Armstrong

From ‘Bing: A Musical Autobiography’ – ‘In The Cool Cool Of The Evening’


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