Charlie Parker

Official Page:

The king of Jazz Saxophone … in keeping with all musicians from this era I was introduced by my Grandfather.

The creator of such jazz techniques as Be-Bop through his unique playful approach to Melody, Rhythm and Harmony means he’s heavily influential.

Only a few can claim to be the godfather’s of Jazz and Parker is one of them. His music is the definition of fun, clarity and overall professionalism. Though Parker had been known to have been addicted to heroin he underwent 6 months of sobering up and shortly afterwards had the best recordings of his career.

Speaking of influence eventually perhaps I can play some of Parker’s tunes myself on my way through learning the sax though that could be a long long way off.

It’s very hard to put into words what Charlie Parker means to me. He was an addict (not the most desirable trait) but he was a musical genius one that can be remembered for his incredible talent.

And in his very short career he’s left a lasting impression on the world of Jazz and how I, myself, look at music.

I hope these will do the same for you and take you into a world of true 40′s Jazz.

The Fast : ‘Groovin’ high’

and a slower one : ‘The Gypsy’


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